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Bulls Sign Former 76er Isaiah Canaan

isaiah cannan bulls

Look out, Jerian Grant. There’s a new backup point guard in town.

Last night, the Chicago Bulls inked a deal with former Philadelphia 76ers point guard Isaiah Canaan. According to Bulls reporter K.C. Johnson, Canaan will receive 2 years at $2.2 million with a team option in year two.

Who is Isaiah Canaan, you ask? Well, since I’m assuming you, like the rest of America, didn’t watch a single second of 76ers basketball last season, let’s dive in and see just who the Bulls got.

Canaan is a third-year player and former Rockets’ second-round draft pick out of Murray State University. While in Houston, Canaan bounced back-and-forth from the D-League before he was traded mid-season to the 76ers during the 2014-15 season.

As a member of the Sixers, Canaan essentially saw his playing time double. Last season, which was by far his most productive, he played 1,966 minutes (or 25.5 per game), and averaged a misleadingly impressive 11.0 points per game. That number might look good on paper, but remember— 1. He was on the 76ers; and 2. He shot 36% from the field.

The Negatives

  • Volume shooter: Canaan attempted 485 3-pointers last season, 11th-most in the NBA. It took him 9.4 shots shots per game to average 11.0 points, which isn’t exactly efficient. His PER (Player Efficiency Rating) was 11.1, which is well below average.
  • Not a good all-around player: Aside from scoring, Canaan doesn’t do much else. He only averaged 2.3 rebounds and 1.8 assists per game last season. Defensively, he’s below average at best.
  • Terrible short & mid-range shooter: From three, Canaan is actually pretty decent. Other than that, Christ… Canaan had the lowest 2-point shooting percentage (.354) on the 76ers. That’s not good.
  • Not really adept at creating his own shots: Last year, 74.4% of Cannan’s 3-pointers were assisted.

The Positives

  • Hey, at least he can shoot: Oddly enough, Canaan had a better shooting percentage from three (.363) than he did from two (.354). With very few pure shooters on their roster, the Bulls could certainly use some help in that department.
  • The contract: $2.2 million is nothing, and with a team option in year two, this signing is essentially a glorified try-out.

K.C. Johnson put it best:

“Beyond the fact the low-risk, short-term deal falls in line with this offseason’s free agency strategy, Canaan’s long-range shooting could prove vital on a team where that need is glaring.”

If Canaan works out, and can provide some scoring off the bench, great. If not, who cares?

But if you’re still looking for something to get excited about, here’s an Isaiah Canaan highlight reel from his career-high 31-point game:

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