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Thibodeau, Wolves to Face Chicago in Summer League Championship

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“Bulls. Dum Dum. Wolves. Dum Dum. Can Thibodeau defeat his former team? Dum Dum. Find out tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern— only on ESPN2!!!”

I bet ESPN has been running teaser ads like that all afternoon… What else are Stephen A. Smith and the gang supposed to talk about all day?

Though you probably haven’t noticed, the Summer Bulls have been on a tear over the past week and a half, and now find themselves in the Championship game of the Las Vegas summer league. Their opponent? Ol’ Tom Thibodeau and the Minnesota Timberwolves. Juicy!

This a momentous occasion for yours truly— as tonight’s game will be the first time I’ve ever watched summer league basketball. With it, will come our blog’s first ever game reaction! Get excited people!

Will Tom Thibodeau get his revenge? Can the recently-waived Spencer Dinwiddie redeem himself and earn a roster spot? Will summer basketball ever become relevant?

Probably, possibly, and definitely not. Nevertheless, grab your popcorn and find a seat on the futon. This might be the only summer league game worth watching this year.

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