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Trade for Boogie…Why Not?

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Over the last several weeks, Demarcus Cousins has been the recent star of Bulls trade rumors. Every blogger out there is mentioning a potential trade in the works, some even boldly claiming that the Bulls are “eager”. On the flip side, the most trustworthy source reporting is from Hoops Habit. With this being said, I will take this as a grain of salt. On the flip side, though, I will in fact entertain it. I will not break down potential pieces the Bulls would give up, but it would most likely come from a three-team trade we would most likely be losing some combination of Gibson, Sideshow Bob, Mirotic, Snell, and picks.

My first reaction: Screw That!

On Second Thought: Screw It!

Cousins can put up 26 and 11, he can shoot for a big man, the dude is without a doubt the best offensive center in the game. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know his way into the playoffs if there was an automatic door. Another clear negative there is he has been there, done that with Rajon Rondo with both of them putting up monster statistics with no results in the W column. But what happens if you replace Rudy Gay, Kosta Koufos, Ben Mclemore, and Marco Belinelli with Jimmy Butler, Dwyane Wade, and Mirotic/McBuckets? On paper, Cousins Rondo looks pretty Maybe they didn’t have the right pieces around them, maybe one or both is toxic. It seems like the Bulls right now are playing the role of the child who mixes all of the sodas at the fountain in McDonalds. At this point throw some Dr. Pepper in there and finish the deed (Yes, I will forever know Cousins as Dr. Pepper if they do trade for him).

Rondo assists to cousins were like feeding a vending machine, cash to candy. Cousins shoots 45% from the field. Though fairly low for the traditional center, a traditional center he is not. He only shoots 36% of his shots from point blank, 28% from 3-10 ft, about 20% from 10 ft to the 3 point line, and almost 16% from 3 (at a 33.3% clip). His diverse range makes him dangerous from all over the court. Looking at these numbers, on offense, we are looking at two ball stopping wings who have proved to be dominant, we have a ball stopping point guard who can pass like mad, a ball stopping center who is multi dimensional scorer, and a question mark at power forward.  Key words here are ball stopping. That is a lot of shot clock, and a possible log jam at who will score.

We have Wade who has been here before. James, Wade, and Bosh Co-existed at 27/21/17 points respectively in 2012-13. These numbers actually make sense with Cousins, Butler, and Wade respectively at this point in their careers. With Rondo’s brains, he can get them at the right spots to score and will have multiple options with three guys you can trust. The last time he played floor general with similar caliber players on the court with him led to a championship with Boston. This leaves the rest to Fred Hoiberg. The sophomore coach is already sat and served with a full plate, an ultimate test, why not raise the stakes. Hoiberg is all about pace which didn’t work to his favor with a Chicago team already stuck in their ways this past season. Though this team gives him seasoned veterans, they will still be fresh faces of a team to work with and mold. Sure a potential frontcourt of Mirotic and Cousins could make for a 3pt duo than the backcourt,  but this allows for offensive creativity.

With Cousins up for contract in 2018-2019, this could give Fred a two year window to really show who he is. If this works, we can have a Cousins/Butler partnership for the remainder of the decade giving them a shot a becoming an actual super team. High Risk/High Reward.


What are your thoughts on a potential Cousins deal.

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