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Moving All Star Weekend: A Pointless Bow Down PR Move


For a few months in the works, the NBA made the decision to move the 2017 All Star Weekend away from Charlotte, North Carolina. The NBA made this move in an effort to distance themselves to HB2, a piece of legislation prohibiting transgenders to use the same bathroom facilities as the gender they identify as. Some call North Carolina’s bill the most anti-LGBT legislation to ever hit America. I will not go into opinions about the bill, why it is right or wrong, or anything about the legislation itself. Instead, I would like to touch on why this public relations stunt is an utterly ridiculous bow down to the system.

The All Star game has been practically a traveling circus with some of the best athletes in the world for over 50 years. They have been touching down in some of the biggest cities and homes to franchises that participate in the NBA. To put this sequence of events in perspectives, a father promised their son they would go to the zoo. This son is now grounded from going to the zoo because the father isn’t fond of the students in his school district…..OK I was never great at analogies. But the point is that it is hard to make sense of. The City of Charlotte is missing out on a multi-million dollar opportunity because the NBA as an organizations has views that disagree with the state. From Tarheel basketball, to Michael Jordan, I would say that North Carolina plays a big role in basketball history as far as geographical impact goes.

The media, particularly the leftist controlled media, has a lot of power to destroy people, places, and organizations alike. To compliment that, the age of social media has a lot of power. Massive social media movements have been altering the way we think and perceive things. When issues begin to “trend”, both blunt and subliminal ques are working peoples minds, the way they think.  It is clear here that the NBA is afraid. By having the All Star Game in North Carolina, there is potential that #NBAHATESGAYS will be the next hashtag to blow up. I will say that moving it is only giving power to the ignorance and misconception spewed out by the media. While some may think that for some reason the NBA is a hateful organization because of where their events are slated, I think it is even worse of a look that they are putting the heat on one of their teams, and millions of real basketball fans. Real basketball fans know that the NBA is the National Basketball Association, home to the best players on the planet. Regardless of a fan’s opinions, they will be watching basketball, simple. So to Adam Silver and the rest of the Association, these are the type of blows that you should absorb and not leave a member of your family under the bus.

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